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Taleb Bekkali

Taleb Bekkali photo Taleb Bekkali


Karate, 3th Dan Shotokan
Taekwondo, 1st degree black belt

Sensei Taleb Bekkali is Chief Karate Instructor and owner of the Rockford Karate Center. Sensei Bekkali has been competing in national and international tournaments since age seven.


USANKF Vice National Champion 1998

USANKF National Champion 2005

USANKF National Champion 2009

Moroccan National Champion 1994

AAU National Champion 1998 to 2012

USA Team Captain 2009 – 2012

WKC World Championships Bronze 2005

WKF World Championships Quarter Finalist 2000 – Munich- OPEN-

WKF World Championships Quarter Finalist 2000 – Munich -80Klg-

WKF World Championships Participation 2002 – Madrid- OPEN-

WKF World Championships Participation 2004 – Monterrey- OPEN-

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